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David and Annie Fishleigh

We are the new owners of Karri Hill Cottages, which were previously known as Watermark Kilns. We have lived in Perth for the last 20 years and this area was one of our favourite holiday spots. The forests with the mighty karri trees,  the abundant bird life,  the spring wild flowers and the endless enjoyment of cycling on the Munda Biddi and hiking the Bibbulmun trail. 

 We are excited about creating a little paradise that our visitors will appreciate. We use permaculture and organic principles to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy it even more. We are replanting karri trees and many other natives. We also work on having surplus in our veggie gardens, so that our visitors will be able to share in the abundance of organic herbs and veggies

Our vision is also to make this a place where our guests can come and heal and recover from the stresses of their daily lives. The wonderful peace and quiet is something that most of our guests comment on.

. If you are interested in helping us with our permaculture projects and would like to do some work in exchange for a stay in the cottages, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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